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Amber Ruddy said she doesn't like the change that would see workers paid time and a half for overtime instead of straight time. "Right now there is the flexibility that you can offer time off in lieu," she said. "Now it is going to have to be paid out at time and a half. That is going to be a huge strain." Ruddy said the government should delay passage of the bill until next year and seek more feedback from the business community on the proposed changes. Labour leaders were more positive, but had some concerns. Guy Smith, president of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, said the proposed legislation is a good compromise that would make the handling of labour disputes more fair and efficient. Smith said the union wishes the government had included a ban on replacement workers during strikes. "Had there been a blanket prohibition on the use of replacement workers like there are in other provinces ... that would have gone a long way to preventing labour disputes overall." The Alberta Federation of Labour praised the legislation, including the proposed changes to union certification. Federation president Gil McGowan said the government didn't go as far as he had hoped, but the change is still an improvement.

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