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WorkSafeNB Warns of Aggressive Calls for WHMIS Training SAINT JOHN – WorkSafeNB is warning New Brunswick employers of aggressive sales calls from companies claiming they must retrain all staff on Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS). To convince employers to register for their course, the companies suggest the employers are not in compliance with provincial labour laws. They also claim to be affiliated with provincial occupational health and safety regulators. “Employers are sometimes contacted by firms trying to sell health and safety equipment or training which they imply that the employer is not in compliance with. The callers make it seem that they are associated with WorkSafeNB. The most recent aggressive sales pitch has been about WHMIS training,” said WorkSafeNB director of communications Manon Arsenault in an email. Arsenault says WorkSafeNB never calls workplaces and informs them that training is needed and all of WorkSafeNB’s training is free. “While WHIMIS training must meet the requirements of the regulation, the training can be provided by a qualified person or agency ,” said Arsenault. “If employers are contacted by an agency or person offering to provide this training, you should know that you have options available and you should explore those options to ensure that you find the best and most cost-effective training for your workplace.” If an employer receives one of these calls, Arsenault advises they contact WorkSafeNB or visit the organization’s online “WHMIS Portal” if they are unsure of their obligations.

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