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DSV has six or seven chemical spill stations across the warehouse. “You need to make sure stations are really close to where any spill could happen. So I have a spill station in the receiving area, at the shipping area and more spill stations across the warehouse. It makes it easy for any of the team members to access the proper PPE or the absorbent material they need to deal with a spill.” When a spill occurs inside the warehouse, workers must notify a supervisor, Chacon says. They should immediately start putting the snake down around the spill, taking care not to come in contact with the chemical. The snake acts as an absorbent wall to contain it and prevent it spreading to other materials. An emergency team assesses the situation. They first determine whether they can manage the spill themselves, based on type and size. If their own team cannot handle the spill, the facility must be evacuated and a third-party company certified to clean up and dispose of dangerous materials is called in. “If you’re dealing with an oxidizer, the proper procedure in 99 per cent of cases is just to evacuate.

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