Updates To Consider On Level-headed Transportation Of Dangerous Goods Programs

The post has been shared more than 600 times on Facebook. The text has also been reposted on many people’s walls. “Please, please be safe,” Schecter writes. “Watch it on television.” It’s certainly dangerous to look at the sun with the naked eye or through run-of-the-mill sunglasses, but that doesn’t mean the only safe solution is to watch the eclipse on TV. Canadian optometry professor B. Ralph Chou, who helped develop the current International Organization for Standardization requirements for solar filters, says it’s entirely possible for anyone to enjoy the eclipse through a properly-vetted pair of solar shades. And that includes children. “If they are properly supervised… they’re perfectly safe, just like adults,” Chou told CTVNews.ca on Tuesday. And Chou is not alone. An overwhelming number of medical and astronomical experts say eclipse shades are safe to use, including top minds at NASA, the Canadian Space Agency, Health Canada, the U.S.

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